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Disappearing Treasure

How can a fabulous, ancient golden treasure just disappear? More to the point, did it ever exist? A respected Archaeologist said it did, but no trace has ever been found. Was it a hoax? And if so, perpetrated by whom? A mysterious story if there ever was one. On a train bound from Istanbul, Turkey […]

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Empty Life Mysteries

What causes some people to become a hermit or recluse? Could the mystery be in the history of the individual? For millionaires, it’s entirely plausible that they suspect everyone around them of showing affection for them only because of their wealth. For others without the wealthy background, it’s totally unexplained. These are empty life mysteries […]

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Snake Festivals Near and Far

Do you believe Cobras will not bite one specific day a year? Are you, as most of us are, afraid of snakes, especially those known to be venomous? I have nothing against them, as long as they have nothing against me, for instance, their fangs. Let’s take a trip through snake festivals near and far. […]

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