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Double Life of William Brodie

  Photo Credit Double Life of William Brodie Greatly respected in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, William Brodie hobnobbed with society and other uppercrust folks of the city. Known as Deacon Brodie, wherever there was a prestigious event, he was inevitably there, holding court. He was also on the City Council, a carpenter and a […]

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What Killed Edgar Allan Poe?

  The Mystery Begins On the night of October 3, 1849 a man described as “delirious,” and “in great distress…in need of immediate assistance,” was found wandering the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. He was taken to Washington College Hospital, where he died 4 days later. This began an American mystery: What killed Edgar Allan Poe? […]

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Who Was Lord Haw-Haw?

Germany Calling Radio audiences in Great Britain in 1939 were greeted with the funny, upper-class voice of a man saying “Jermainy Calling! Jermainy Calling!” It was the traditional opening of the show Germany Calling,  a tool of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Intention to Demoralize and Discourage The program aimed to discourage […]

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The Death Of Luke The Drifter: Hank Will...

The Death Of Luke The Drifter: Hank Williams

  Photo Credit   The death of Luke the Drifter, once it became public, would reverberate throughout the country music industry for decades. “Luke the Drifter” was one of the pseudonyms used by Hank Williams, a man whose name was synonymous with country music from the late 1930s into the present day. He is a […]

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